About me

Name: Steve Chetcuti

Battle name: Cross Rower

Age (at time of crossing): 50

Sports: Running, rowing, swimming, football

Nationality: Maltese

Residence: Switzerland


I call Malta, a tiny island in the Mediterranean, home. I live in Switzerland, close to Zürich, and I also call the Alpine state home. I’ve been here for a decade and a half and still struggle with the language. Otherwise, it’s great.

My wife is Swiss and we have three daughters (Kim, 16, Mia, 13, and Lea, 11). I like rules, ergo I like Switzerland, even though it is land-locked (I love the sea).

I’m a former journalist turned communications professional. I worked as a journalist with The Malta Independent for seven years before leaving the Rock for Switzerland.


Since then, I worked as a teacher of English before moving to PR role with American firm Gibbs & Soell.

I later changed to product communications with GM (Chevrolet) in 2011 but was made redundant in 2014 – not fun.


I then moved to the Hero Group, an international food company based around three kilometres from my home. What started as a three-month project job in 2015 has now become very permanent role.

Needless to say, I have a penchant for sports, running and rowing in particular. So far, I’ve run four marathons and have also competed in more than 20 triathlons (Sprint editions).


I’ve decided to stop triathlons and concentrate on running and rowing instead.

Rowing came late to me, just over a year ago and purely by accident. So far, I’ve done just over 2,500,000 meters of rowing – all indoors. I am now modifying a small sailing boat to mimic an ocean rowing boat, which I will take to the waters on a lake close to my house to get all important water miles. It's nearly done...


I reckon I'll need to row at least 3,000km to be anywhere close to ready for the challenge.

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