Atlantic Adventure 2021

Cross Rower

      Rowing 6,000km across the Atlantic Ocean for those who can't

In March 2021, I'll be joining adventurer Ralph Tuijn and three other like-minded people to cross the Atlantic Ocean, from mainland Europe to mainland South America - a 6,000km trip across treacherous waters. Some say I'm crazy and they may be right. What I know is that thanks to your help, I'll be able to collect money to help my three charities - and also fulfill my personal goal.


The choice is yours - select your favourite charity above and click to access the link to the donation page.

All donations and contributions go directly to the organisations above


Georgios A 4.png
Ralph T 5.png


Team EU

Atlantic Crossing 2021

(l to r)

Ralph Tuijn (skipper)

Dolores Desclaveliere

Georgios Ardavanis

Patrice Maciel

Georgios A 4.png
Patrice M 3.jpg

Video wall

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